Unsure on Internals?

Go Are you unsure about how your internal fitments will fit into your cupboard? Well never fear because we offer a full installation service for all your cupboards.

Bring a sense of warmth and refinement to your office workspace with these versatile storage cupboards.

Clever, flexible and cost effective storage systems that maximise capacity in a minimum of space.

A comprehensive range of clever, useful and ingenious fittings to ensure that whatever you need can be stored easily and retrieved just as quickly.

Industry leading, every day, essential cabinets, delivered directly to you, on-demand.

Keep all of your media, forms and paper neatly in the durable multi-drawer units. Modern with clean lines.

Wooden bookcases bring a warm and structure to your office Environment. These functional storage and display units suit perfectly with our desking to produce a welcoming workspace.

A range of products that are designed to ensure that everything you need is close at hand and easily accessible.

Keeping your possessions safe is important, so we have an extensive range of lockers and cloakroom furniture. Mix it up with metal or SGL (solid grade laminate) doors and bench seats.

Safe storage of medicines and first aid equipment, flammable liquids, chemical and acid and most hazardous substances. These units are COSHH compliant. Please enquire for further information.