Delivered with precision, executed with passion and designed with excellence – what a result!
Author Gordon Smyrell Project Manager
University of Teesside

Creating the dream...

The Centre for Creative Technologies (CCT) will provide over 4000 square metres of studio space for teaching and learning across a wide range of areas in digital media and technology. With areas such as computer animation, games development and design in digital media, these futuristic facilities will offer one of the best teaching and research environments in the country. This meant the interior design of each individual suite would play a huge part in encapsulating the whole ethos behind the Digital City Initiative.

Concept to reality…

The furniture design had to reflect the modern architectural building and its equipment whilst providing students with an environment that would allow for creative excellence, without hindrance of equipment or peripherals. Communication was the key to success in the initial concept stages. Single point contacts in design, quality and project management were allocated and frequent meetings between the key personnel began.The Challenge put to us by the University was: How was Emergent going to design,manufacture, and install over 30 individual suites, with furniture that required unique individuality and specific practical features, within the given time period?

We began initially by looking inwards before looking outwards. We tried to find what it is that enables us to feel creatively comfortable in our own working environment, the answer - creative space maximisation. With this in mind purely bespoke items such as our Clover Clusters and Clone Music Stations were specially designed and manufactured for this project, and thanks to our unique position within the market place it meant we had the facilities to bring these and a variety of other items, both wooden and metal, from concept through to reality.

A dream come true…

Through commitment and dedication by everyone to achieve the optimum result, Emergent provided the University with furniture and interiors that will, as part of the Digital City Initiative, inspire students to join the University and begin their development to creative excellence and ultimately lead to success. A select handful of students were given a sneak preview of the new facilities before final handover and the initial reactions were every bit as memorable as the project team had hoped for from day one.


“The building has got a nice
atmosphere, is spacious, modern
and kind of chic, but what is most
apparent is the time and effort that
must have gone into designing the
Centre For Creative Technologies”

(Deborah, 21)