The furniture provided by Emergent Crown is of exceptional quality; designed to meet the demands of modern Policing.
Author Inspector Barry Steele Project Manager
Grantham Police Station

Vision for the

Lincolnshire Police Authority had, from the very first architect’s drawings, identified their vision of how this building would be used. The vision for the interior solution was not so clear. A thorough Tender process was embarked upon to arrive at the “Best Value” interior solution for the Headquarters. After the initial submission, Emergent Crown was the clear favourite. A site visit by the Project Team, lead by Inspector Barry Steele, had a tour of the impressive manufacturing facilities and identified that the products offered by Emergent Crown were of the highest quality.

Further site visits re-enforced Emergent Crown’s position, and innovative designs, space plans and rendered images were created to further focus the Authorities vision of how Emergent Crown could furnish the new Headquarters.

Creating the Concept...

Upon being awarded the Contract, the Emergent Crown Project Management team quickly produced schedules to achieve the demanding delivery deadlines. The furniture solution was finalised as per the agreed Project schedule, and delivery and installation windows identified. Additional scope was included as contingency should the building works fall behind schedule. As the designated furniture contractor,Emergent Crown requested that they were present at all the migration meetings, to assist with the electrical specification of the building and its integration with the furniture.  Departments within the Police Authority were consulted about their Locker requirements. Each individual department's  exact requirements differed. The standard Emergent Crown Police Locker was eventually selected as this provided the correct internal dimensions to house the Police uniform and vests; two shelves allow for housing of larger kit bags; CS Gas holders and Airwave Clips are situated within the door structure and importantly the Lockers are conducive to being sited on vinyl floor covering.  During the final product selection, the Authority decided that the standard keys for the Lockers may cause an issue, if Police personnel lost or misplaced their set. It was proposed that combination locks should be fitted, so that the Authority always would have access to lockers, should the need arise.

Concept into Reality...

As the delivery and installation window approached, the contingency built in by Emergent Crown proved invaluable. Completion of the building works was running two weeks late and Emergent Crown agreed to hold all the furniture within their Distribution Centre until Lincolnshire Police took control of the building. This removed the burden from the Authority, and allowed the building works to continue without the furniture being on-site.  The extensive project provides over 4000m2 of state-of-the-art accommodation for Lincolnshire Police, including a three-storey office and administration building and a single-storey custody suite with a 14-cell capacity. Additional single-storey garage and storage areas have also been created. All furniture installed was delivered, commissioned and installed within the window.

The new Headquarters was officially opened by His Royal Highness Prince Edward, The Earl of Wessex in an official ceremony.

“I have been responsible for making sure the building is delivered on time; cost and quality, and liaising with construction and interior companies. The old police station on St Catherine’s Road was no longer able to deal with the demands of modern policing.”

(Inspector Barry Steele,
Project Manager, Grantham Police Station.)