When we presented our business case to the government last year, it seemed a distant dream. Now a year later we're ready to go. We are grateful to Emergent Crown for their dedication and commitment.
Author Jonathan Spruce Senior Assistant Director
Tees Valley Joint Strategy Unit

Creating the dream...

The Institute of Digital Innovation (IDI) was to provide nearly 4000 square metres of studio space for teaching and create up to 300 new jobs and 130 new companies.  With areas such as sound stages, digital recording studios and motion caption studios. This meant the interior design of each individual suite would play a huge part in encapsulating the whole ethos behind the Digital City Initiative

Concept to reality…

We believe that only through controlled and understood communication channels can a project of this size run smoothly. That’s why we insisted on face to face meetings with all key personnel until all parties (including the end user) have the piece of mind that the optimum solution is being created. We knew that the solution for this building was not going to come through product innovation alone, but with all desking furniture being taken from our new Scape ranges of Bench desking the product solution was easily found.

The quantities for the IDI building were sizeable to say the least and with the interiors spread out over five floors, careful planning had to be undertaken before addressing the installation – and that’s where Scape comes in. The construction and installation of this innovative bench desking systems takes no time at all; thanks to the innovative double cross railed system which allows runs to be assembled in a flash.

A dream come true…

The constant communication between all parties involved meant a great sense of achievement was felt at the finish; we had run our marathon in record breaking time and all this was only possible in the knowledge that the end result would inspire students to realise their business dreams. This new breed of digital innovation that amalgamates education with business facilities will provide the benchmark for other higher education organisations up and down the country – and we were proud to be part of that.

“When we presented our business
case to the government last year,
it seemed a distant dream. Now a
year later we’re ready to go. We are
grateful to all parties involved for
their dedication and commitment.” 

(Jonathan Spruce, Senior Assistant Director of the Tees Valley Joint Strategy Unit)