Hoozone Phone Booth

Rather than occupy a meeting pod or a side room, a phone booth offers a simple, acoustic solution with the small 1m2 footprint, making it an ideal space saving addition to the office. The phone booth is supplied as a complete unit with sound absorbing panels and ceiling, an integrated MFMDF black floor, and dual air circulator fans for optimised air flow. Available in a multitude of finishes to complement the surroundings or stand out as a focal product.
  • Designed to any millimetre height, width or depth allowing full adaptability.

  • Acoustically tested to BSEN ISO 140 and rated at 36dB noise reduction (Technical report ref no: C/24307/T01).

  • Mix and match panel finishes available on each wall.

  • Multiple framework finishes available.

  • 55mm sound absorbing upholstered panels.

  • 22mm double glazed glass panels.

  • 8mm glass door.

  • 52mm sound absorbing ceiling panels upholstered in light grey.

  • Integrated ceiling cover included as standard.

  • Integrated facilities arch included as standard housing lighting system.

  • PIR operated, high output – low voltage, diffused, dual LED strip lighting included as standard.

  • Air circulation fan available with 216m3/h airflow.