CandiStor Educational Tray Storage

CandiStor is an expansive range of wooden Storage Furniture for Educational use. The design aim of CandiStor is to provide furniture items that perform well, working reliably, easily and safely over a guarantee period of 10 years. This requires the use of high quality materials, a glued and dowelled construction and the exclusion of quick assembly fittings.

To manufacture units that can carry the sometimes heavy static loads that are placed into these units needed a radical new design; one which delivers the load in the trays safely and more directly onto the floor.  This reduces cabinet distortion and bowing - which can ultimately lead to breakages.

CandiStor has been designed with flexibility in mind.  The interchangability and stackability of units, allows users to make better use of limited floor space, when class sizes are increasing.  

Mobile units feature reduced ground clearance to improve safety by reducing the risk of units tipping over and to improve the aesthetic of mobile units. This reduced ground clearance makes it possible to easily convert mobile cabinets into free standing ones and vice versa. This allows Emergent Crown to stock a limited number items which can be instantly converted to static or mobile versions, offering improve lead times and more flexibility to the end user.

Cabinet bases, tops, backs, shelves, divisions, sides and doors are all in high quality 18mm MFCs to DIN 68765 emission class E1.

The board is made from virgin wood and is homogeneous in terms of species, density and moisture content providing unrivalled strength, excellent screw-holding and stability over time. Carcase Panels are edged with ABS, bonded with high viscosity EVA synthetic resins. Solid 8mm dia. multi-grooved Beech dowels and cross-linking PVAc adhesives are used to assemble the cabinets. No cam fittings or similar or horizontal construction rails are necessary.

Large, rigid pressed steel brackets designed to distribute static loads and shock loads provide metal to metal junctions for mounting screwed castors or height adjusters.

Castors are polyamide to protect carpets; 30mm dia., double-wheeled, each rated at 50 kilos and tested to EN12528.

Cabinet handles are die-cast aluminium, matt polished. Cabinet hinges 110 degree are contract quality for long term service free reliability. European manufactured cam locks are 200 key differs, DNOC (differ number on cap) so numbers can be quoted if replacements are needed. Hinged fobs and double entry keys help to reduce breakages. Tray storage units are manufactured to use both Gratnells and Certwood Crystal tray systems.