Clarity Patient Lockers

Clarity is our flagship Patient Locker. Manufactured from Steel Carcass and Compact Grade Laminate Tops and Drawer fronts. Externally, Clarity offers simple, swept lines, the avoidance of gaps and trapping areas. Drawers and doors that fit flush inside carcasses, to aid decontamination.

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Can be cleaned in any of three methods:

A. Spraying for solution to evaporate.
B. Wiping with appropriate solutions and allowed to dry.
C. “Washing down” with solutions at up to 80° C max. Partially perforated bases, backs and drawer box sides provide for drainage of cleaning solutions and ventilation for evaporating solutions.

Antibacterial coatings: Metal carcass is coated in “BioCote”, a silver oxide antibacterial coating which helps reduce the risk of cross infection.