Contour Power Modules

Contour has a modern, curved appearance displaying many design features like our new lateral fuse carrier, internal segregation between power and data and comes complete with plastic clips on the covers so there are no visible fixing screws and fully compliant to current safety regulations.

Unit has a white plastic body.
Flame retardant ABS with a choice of Signal Grey RAL 7004 or Black socket fascias
Power & data cables all exit from under the side of the unit
All UK power socket versions feature our new lateral individual fuse
Choice of 3.15A or 5A fuses are available to comply with BS 6396:2008
Unit complies with BS 5733
All standard options are supplied with a 1m lead to 3 pole connector and 3m data lead where relevant
Requires a separate mains lead if connected directly to a socket
3.15A individually fused, supplied with 1m mains lead to male 3 pole connector plug.