Snug CPU Holder

Snug is an under desk CPU support, designed to keep the computer unit out of the way and free from damage. Even in offices where space may be a premium, the simple task of removing the CPU from the desktop can give employees the space they need to think and operate comfortably.

The CPU sits on the metal platform of Snug, and then is secured in place with a strap that is connected to the smart aesthetic fascia cover. The cover allows users to position the Snug at varies heights with ease and purchasing the optional Slide and Rotate Mechanism access to the back of the CPU without having to stretch.

The Snug CPU holder is slim and simple to install and fits onto a standard slide and rotate mechanism (optional).  An ABS fascia cover onto metal structure giving a smart aesthetic look.

CPU sits on a metal platform and is secured in place with a strap

CPU maximum height - 420mm
CPU maximum width - 190mm
Load tested by Fira
Supports CPU weights up to 10kg - subject to desk material.